Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5 Reasons Why It's Good To Be Bad

1. It makes other mothers feel better about themselves, rather than worse. Wanna feel crappy? Read an article about some celebrity mom who wears a size zero and spouts garbage like,  “When I feel overwhelmed and think I might raise my voice at my child, I just remember to breathe.” Um. I'm sorry. What? 

2. It's funnier. The worst thing, I find, about moms who try really hard to be "good" all the time, and come close, is that they have no sense of humor. What could be more harmful to a child, I ask you? The irony! 

3. It makes you mysterious to your children, even if only for a moment, putting them in the position of being The Responsible Ones. Now, you don’t want to push this one too far at all (hint: getting drunk and arrested=way too far), but even just a moment where you lead your child to think you’re going to do something outlandish like eat the flowers in your neighbor's yard, or park your car in the middle of an intersection, turns the tables in a delightful way, and puts them on the defensive for once. I love the shocked expression and the "Mom! NO! What are you doing?!"

4. It's an act of rebellion, born of self love. If being good means torturing yourself into being perfect, then you've got to be bad in order to save yourself from that torture. It's simple self-defense! Your children will thank you for it. 

5. It mellows everyone out. Bad Mommies don’t take being a mom SOOO seriously. We’ve done this for thousands of years. We do have some healthy instincts. Put down that parenting manual and trust yourself for a second. Bad mommies don’t get hung up on every little mistake they make. This sends a message to their kids that they don’t have to get so hung up either. Welcome to humanity, people! Let's have some fun with it.